Last month we published an article about Ascend P7 specifications getting leaked. So if you haven’t read it we encourage you to read it first – From the internal leaked document we have learned that the Huawei’s internal code name for Ascend P7 is “Sophia” and its going to be made by using “Exquisite” materials.

Today a Chinese microblogging site weibo user has leaked 2 pictures of upcoming Huawei Sophia’s back panel. You can see one above and here is the other one


According to the previously mentioned leaked document, “Sophia” will be available in stores April 2014. If the Huawei’s projected time frame is correct, this back panel can be from the final device pushed for testing. Back panel shows “TD-LTE” and the code name “Sophia”. Looking at the photos, material used on this device certainly seems something special like Huawei mentioned.

We will bring you the latest news about this device as it emerges so stay tuned..