Well this is interesting, take a look at the above picture. Is that the newest Apple Mac Pro?  Wrong! its the Huawei’s newest gaming console named Huawei “TRON”. Information about this newest gadget were just leaked on few Chinese web sites and it seems like Huawei is preparing to release this at CES 2014 which is still happening in Las Vegas.

According to the leaked information, “TRON” uses ‘Nvidia platform’ and we guess that might be the Nvidia’s gaming oriented Tegra 4 processor. “TRON” is also categorized as a home entertainment device and external connectivity options are USB 3.0 port, HDMI port and a 3.5mm audio output. Ethernet port might be included but we aren’t sure about that yet. “TRON” will also support internet multi-player games.

Leaked information mentions that “TRON” will be running Android and interface is similar to Xbox UI. Game controller is connected to the console via Bluetooth. Controller features a touch pad at the middle and other buttons are similar to the Xbox controller. “TRON” supports 4K video playback and even though “TRON” runs on Android it isn’t actually a device to play Android games. Leaks suggests that Huawei will be customizing games and already 12 games are available for it. We don’t actually have a list of games but it says some of the PS3 and PC games are there.

Information about pricing is not yet known and Huawei will release this device after the month of May this year. And like most of the Huawei’s latest gadgets “TRON” will be available in China first. We will post more information as we receive and here are some of the first pictures of “TRON”  for you to enjoy

* Update, here’s a video demonstration