Its seems like lots of Huawei gadgets were released at the CES 2014 without getting much attention from the media. Huawei portable wireless router is one from the bunch. Model named WS331a this wireless router is stylish and compact than the other Huawei wireless routers that we have seen. 

Huawei boasts that WS331a has a unique patented feature called “Wireless Security Lock” which is basically a feature lets you to easily connect your devices to the router without using a password. There is a lock/unlock switch on the side of this router and when you unlock it, router lets you to connect to its network without asking for a password just like an open WiFi hotspot. And when you flip the switch to lock position the router secures the network and white lists the devices connected to it before flipping the switch to the lock position.


We guess this feature works by white listing the mac address of the device and indeed its a useful feature to secure your network without messing with strong WiFi passwords and manual white listing. Managing the other settings of this router is done by a smartphone App which will be released by Huawei at the time of release.

WS331a comes in 4 colors Alpine White/Lake blue/crystal pink/Tyrant gold like you seen on the first picture. We don’t have a list of hardware specifications yet but from the pictures it looks like WS331a will let you to connect your PC via Ethernet port or let you to share the Ethernet network over WiFi. Also there aren’t any information about price or release date yet but we will keep you posted when more details emerge.