Just about 6 months ago Hauwei announced the MediaPad 7 Youth tablet as we wrote here – http://huaweinews.com/2013/07/mediapad-7-youth-is-now-official/. We all know that Huawei has a short release schedule and confirming it, today Huawei has announced the availability of “MediaPad 7 Youth 2″ which is the successor to “MediaPad 7 Youth”.

Huawei retains the useful features of previous MediaPad 7 Youth such as HSPA connectivity and metallic body. But this isn’t actually an upgrade from the previous model. Unfortunately this new version has lower specifications than the previous model. For an example Youth 2 has a 5 point touch 1024 x 600 LCD screen while the original MediaPad 7 Youth had a 10 point touch 1080P display. Processor is also has been downgraded to a 1.2Ghz dual core instead of the 1.6Ghz dual core processor present in the previous model. Here are some specifications of this new model

Model number – S7-721U
Processor – MSM8x12 quad-core Coretex-A7 1.2GHz
ROM – 4GB / microSD up to 32GB
Display – 7inch 1024 x 600 LCD
Software – Android 4.3 Emotion UI 1.6
Connectivity – HSPA+ 21mbps
Battery – 4100mAh
Camera – 3MP main / 0.3MP front

MediaPad 7 Youth 2 supports GSM phone calls and has inbuilt GPS. We think the “MediaPad 7 Youth 2″ name is rather confusing not just because of how it sounds but also because this isn’t an upgrade to the previous model. However MediaPad 7 Youth 2 is set to go on sale for about $130 and for that price point these specifications are acceptable.

We don’t have information about release date yet but considering Huawei has published the details of this tablet on the official web site, we guess that day won’t be very far. Click the link below for more pictures and details

Link to the Huawei’s official page – http://goo.gl/VLylPd