Huawei G510 is a very popular smartphone on Asian and south American countries. G510 shares almost same hardware as Ascend Y300 and the only difference is G510 has a 4.5inch IPS LCD display versus 4inch IPS LCD present in Ascend Y300. Released in January last year, Ascend G510 is still popular among budget smartphone community and gets brilliant third party development unlike most other Huawei smartphones released at that time.

This guide is a part of a series that we are hoping to bring you about Ascend G510-0200. In the near future we hope to cover parts such as installing recovery,custom ROM’s and news about available custom ROM’s for G510 and many more. On this step you can find out about how to unlock the bootloader and root the G510 as that’s the first step for modifying your device.

As with Ascend Y300, you have to unlock your bootloader first to Root your G510. We know that there are methods to Root without unlocking the bootloader as we covered for Y300. But we will explain how to do both, because installing custom ROM’s require an unlocked bootloader.

Unlock the Bootloader 

Bootloader is like BIOS on your computer. It’s locked by default and unlocking it is easy thanks to Huawei’s official bootloader unlocking program or third party programs like DC-Unlocker. Since G510 shares same hardware as Y300, unlocking bootloader is done by the same way as how its done on Y300. And we covered that here – Follow the guide and unlock your bootloader first.


Download Root package –
Download G510 USB drivers –

Extract the file in to your desktop and find the file inside the extracted folder and place that inside the “dload” folder on your internal memory root directory. Disconnect the phone from the PC and turn it off. Turn it on by pressing and holding volume down + volume up + power button and your G510 will start flashing the file. Wait until it completes and reboot your G510.

Install the downloaded USB drivers on your computer and reboot it. Enable USB debugging by going in to settings of your G510 and plug it to the computer. Now open the “rootx_start.bat” file found on the folder you extracted earlier and let it do its job. This will take few minutes and after finishing reboot your Ascend G510.

Now your G510 is bootloader unlocked and rooted. Verify the root by downloading a root checker app from Google play if you like. As we stated at the beginning of this article, this is the first step of modding your G510. We will publish more posts about G510 as time goes on and use our search box on this site to find more stuff about G510.