Mobile World Congress 2014 is just around the corner and most mobile phone manufacturers take that oppertunity to unveil their latest and greatest gadgets for the current year. We have learned that Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S5 and HTC,Sony will come with their latest flagships too. Huawei is also participating to the party and we guess the long awaited Ascend D3 will be announced in MWC 2014. Rumors about Ascend D3 started since the last November as we reported here – and we wrote about a possible Ascend D3 pictures leak last December which you can right read here –

If you read those 2 posts you should have noted that Ascend D3 is confirmed to come with the Huawei’s latest and long rumored K3V3 processor. Yesterday a trustworthy source at Weibo announced that Ascend D3’s processor will be HiSilicon Kirin 920 clocked at 1.8Ghz, which will be a 8 core ARM big.LITTLE  based microchip. Its said to be manufactured in 28nm architecture and there are 2 Cortex A7 and A9 quad core processors humming inside this single processor to make it 8 core. This type of processor is seen on the current Galaxy S4 and Note 3 international versions. Kirin 920 isn’t actually true 8 core because only 4 cores work at once and switched between the 2 automatically according to the performance requirements.


Eventhough big.LITTLE processors like Kirin 920 aren’t true 8 core, fine tuned versions like the one on Galaxy S4 outperforms the true 8 core processor made by Mediatek. Huawei might come up with a better processor than the Galaxy S4’s Exynos 5410 octa core processor with Ascend D3 and we will have to wait until MWC to see for sure.