Everyone is waiting to find out about the long awaited Huawei smartphones Ascend P7 and Ascend D3. While we previously thought that the Ascend P7 will be unveiled at MWC 2014, we are now receiving reports that Ascend P7 launch is postponed until April this year because of some issues on the Huawei’s own 8 core processor which is said to be featured on the Ascend P7. Rumors aside, some pictures of Ascend P7 were leaked on the Weibo social network today and the one you see above is said to be an official render of the P7. Here are the other leaked pictures,


Alongside the pictures the information says that the Ascend P7 will get a 1080P 5.5inch display and the phone will be just 6.3mm thick. That’s tiny bit thicker than the Ascend P6 which is just 6.2mm thick. Its hard to believe that Huawei will opt for a 5.5inch display on its flagship smartphone because not everyone likes big displays and its predecessor Ascend P6 got a 4.7inch display. We guess we will have some more information soon so stay tuned for more details.