For the past few weeks we are hearing rumors about an upcoming Huawei smart watch which is said to be launching at CES 2014. Huawei making a smart watch isn’t surprising because most of the key players like Samsung and Sony are making smart watches these days.

Even though rumors were floating on the web we haven’t seen anything confirming the Huawei smart watch yet. But just a few moments ago a picture (shown above) which is said to be the Huawei smart watch, leaked on the weibo microblogging network. Its named as “Glory X1″ and there arent any details about specifications just yet. Looking at the picture it looks a lot different than Samsung Galaxy Gear,Pebble and Sony smartwatches. However don’t make the looks deceive you, Huawei maybe going to suprise us with a low cost smart watch for people who doesnt like to spend $200< for a gadget like that.