Mobile World Congress is just about a week away. Most of the smartphone manufacturers are taking that opportunity to announce their top gadgets for the following year and Huawei is one of them. If you are a regular reader of this web site you might have noticed that we have brought you many leaks and rumors about the Huawei’s gadgets which we might get to see at MWC 2014.

Today Huawei has posted a video teaser on its Youtube channel giving us some clues about what Huawei got for us for the current year. This time Huawei has used some clever marketing tactics and at the end of the video Huawei takes a shot at Apple and Samsung naming those brands as “Fruit” and “Somesong”. Here is the video for your viewing pleasure,

We think the the tablet they are talking about is MediaPad X1 – and the phone might be the Ascend P7 which comes with a 8MP front facing camera as we mentioned here -

We are hoping that Huawei would release Ascend D3 at MWC as well but on this video Huawei hasn’t mentioned anything about releasing 2 phones or something like that. We guess we will have to wait to find out for sure.