Since everyone is in to smart wearables  these days, Huawei’s intervention to this market isn’t surprising. 3 days ago we have brought you the leak about Huawei having a smartwatch to unveil at the MWC which is happening right now as we speak. Just a few hours ago Huawei made the official announcement announcing the much anticipated smart watch ‘TalkBand B1′. In our leak we have mentioned the name as ‘Glory X1′ but don’t blame us just yet because it might be called as ‘Glory X1′ in China.

We can call the ‘TalkBand B1′ as a smartband instead of smartwatch because of its shape and features it has to offer. TalkBand B1 features a flexible 1.4inch OLED display and 90mAh battery which is good for 6 days of continuous usage. The face of the band is actually a Bluetooth earpiece and you can pop it out when you need it to work as a regular earpiece


Talking about the connectivity options ‘TalkBand B1′ can be paired to your smartphone or tab via NFC and the other communications happens via Bluetooth 4.1. ‘TalkBand B1′ doubling as a Bluetooth earpiece is the sole reason for having a 14.6mm thick face but when you get used to it we guess it won’t be a huge problem.


As stated on the above picture ‘TalkBand B1′ also features dual microphones for noise reduction and the display will show the caller ID and the phone numbers. OLED display is black and white and its not a touch screen so the managing the smartband happens through the device you pair it up with via the provided app. B1 can also track your fitness such as tracking steps,calories and sleep patterns. Charging is done by the regular USB port integrated on the clasp.

‘TalkBand B1′ will support any Android smartphone or tab assuming it runs Android 2.3+ and IOS devices. Its priced at 99 euros in European region (Around $135) but the release date in Europe and outside China isn’t confirmed yet. But if you are living in China B1 will hit the store shelves in March this year.