Since the Ascend P6 Android 4.4 beta firmware got leaked, the P6 developer community is coming up with new custom ROM’s and modifications based on that leaked firmware. As you know lots of development for Huawei devices happens on Chinese forums in chinese language. But there are few awesome developers on forums like XDA, are contributing to the development of international firmwares in English and other languages. Few days ago we have brought you an awesome custom ROM based on the leaked official firmware – and today we have another one for your flashing pleasure :)

Namely “LightningKat” built by the developer called “m!k3″ on XDA forums, this custom ROM focuses on simplicity and performance. Here are some of the details of this ROM

* Built For – Ascend P6-U06
* Android version – 4.4.2
* Based on – Leaked official Android KitKat firmware
* Google Apps – Included
* Init.d supported, Debloated
* Xperia Keyboard
* Functioning Superuser app included
* Pre-rooted

This ROM is now receiving good amount of user attention and seems to be updated almost daily with bug fixes and improvements. Early adopters are reporting that this ROM is mostly stable regardless of the bugs presented on the base firmware. However the rule of thumb is that, its up to you to decide whether it will be suitable to use as your daily driver or not. Ascend P6 running this firmware scored about 17298 points on Antutu benchmark test.



Always flash custom ROM’s/kernels at your own risk and isn’t liable for damaged or bricked phones

If you are already running the leaked KitKat firmware or another Kitkat custom ROM on your Ascend P6, installation is failrly easy through TWRP recovery if not you have to unlock the bootloader first and its explained on the link below. If you flash this firmware on your Ascend P6 please let us and the other readers know your ideas and findings in the comment box below.

Link to the XDA thread with installation instructions and download link –