This isn’t the first time we brought you the information about upcoming Huawei MediaPad X1. 10 days ago we wrote an article mentioning the MediaPad X1 specifications and a blurry picture showing the display part X1. Today more pictures of Medipad X1 leaked on the Weibo microblogging social network. MediaPad X1’s body is said to be premium built from aluminium alloy and we guess the price will be same if not less than the Nexus 7. The leaked pictures which you can see below reveals the MediaPad X1 branded smart cover and all the sides including the back of X1.

Picture showing the dialer tells us that the MediaPad X1 can also be used to take calls as with the most other Huawei tablets out there. MediaPad X1 will be announced MWC 2014 and we guess it will be available internationally unlike most of other recent Huawei gadgets which are limited to China.