Do you remember the Huawei’s holiday surprise “Unlock Possibilities” competition? Well we didn’t wrote about how it ended but if you weren’t able to catch up with the news, the grand prizes(2 Mercedes Benz sports coupes) won by Malaysians. Huawei had about 60000 total gifts including smartphones and mostly coupons to give away for 1.8 million people who participated in the competition.

Today when we took a quick glance at Huawei’s facebook page, we saw that 5 winners of the “Unlock Possibilites” competition were reporting that they didn’t received their prize yet. All 5 won a Ascend P6 themselves and Huawei has left out those wall posts and comments unanswered.





2 of these people are from India and as you see on the second screenshot one is from Dubai. According to them Huawei has promised to deliver their prices within 2 weeks and failed to keep up with the promise. Some people haven’t even received a confirmation emails. Like we stated earlier Huawei has left out these comments unanswered and all of these comments were posted within 24 hours time span. This means that there can be more people complaining about non delivery of their prices.

We think Huawei should immediately address these concerns of this whole “Unlock Possibilities” marketing campaign and being silent about these issues is even against the law in most countries. So let us know in the comments below if you won something from this competition and haven’t received anything yet.