Ascend P6 users are waiting since January to get their dose of Android kitkat. Huawei initially promised to deliver the update in January but we are long past that now. However in end of January we got a leaked Android 4.4 Emotion UI 2.3 firmware for the Ascend P6 – Apart from that single leak we weren’t able to get anything until now. After all these push backs we are receiving reports that Huawei is now sending the official Android 4.4 Emotion UI 2.0 update to the China Mobile Ascend P6-T00 owners in China.

Its still unclear what happened to the Emotion UI2.3 skin but it looks like Huawei has abandoned the plans for EMUI2.3 for now because of the delays in development. There aren’t any huge differences between Emotion UI 2.0 and 2.3 so even though Huawei is pushing EMUI 2.0, we guess users will be happier because the base Android version is Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Unfortunately China Mobile network is CDMA based and those firmwares aren’t compatible with the international Ascend P6-U06. If Huawei decides to make this update available for the China Telecom Ascend P6 owners you will be install that firmware on your international Ascend P6 without any compatibility problems.

Initial adopters of this new firmware, reported that the update went smoothly without any issues and for the moment they haven’t found any problems with the functions as well. You can find some screenshots above and we guess the update will be available for the China Telecom model within few days as well. Keep reading HuaweiNews and we will keep you updated!