Information about Ascend D3 were leaked several times before and the spec list is basically confirmed right now. You can read our latest post about the Ascend D3 right here – and if you have missed our previous posts about D3 you can view those by clicking this link - On those articles we have mentioned that the Ascend D3 is going to feature an octa core ARM big.LITTLE concept based HiSilicon Kirin920 processor and a 1080P screen.

Confirming these leaks a reliable source on Weibo Chinese social network has leaked information about the release time frame and price for the Ascend D3. According to the source Ascend D3 will be priced around $469 in China and the 1.8Ghz + 1.5Ghz big.LITTLE octa core processor is indeed featured on the device. Ascend D3 is set to release in June in Chinese region and it will support 4G networks. But international availability is a concern as the previous Ascend D series devices weren’t available in most of the countries.

Other than the news about Ascend D3 as you can see on the screen shot above, the source also said that Huawei is working on a 5inch 2K display smartphone with a true octa core HiSilicon K3V3 2Ghz processor which is expected to be release in September this year. Its priced around $633 and the device will belong to the Ascend D family. Ascend D series is the Huawei’s top of the line smartphone series and we aren’t surprised to hear this news since most of the manufacturers are marching towards 2K screens and octa core processors.

The source also mentioned that we might get to see an another Ascend P series smartphone in May and we guess that might be Huawei Ascend P7. It’s time for Huawei to introduce a true successor to Ascend P6 and the month of May seems to be perfect for that. So would you buy a 2K smartphone from Huawei? let us know your opinions in comments below