Ascend P7 is the upcoming flagship smartphone of Huawei and the details of this phone were leaked already on the interwebs for past few months. You can read our Ascend P7 related articles here – We keep getting new leaks and information about Ascend P7 for a long time now and the anticipation alone tells us that Ascend P7 will be a hit just like the Ascend P6 already is. Coupled with Huawei’s aggressive marketing in Europe and followed by the popularity of Ascend P6 we don’t think that Huawei will have a hard time selling Ascend P7 smartphones to the public.

Few days ago Antutu benchmark results of Ascend P7 were published by unofficial source and the results aren’t amazing as you can see on the above screenshots (click on it to enlarge) but its somewhat okay for a smartphone considering Huawei is using their own processors. This 24883 score will definitely improve at the time of release due to software optimizations. Latest Galaxy S5 scores around 30000-35000 points on Antutu benchmark so Ascend P7 isn’t even close to a high end smartphone like that but P7 surpasses Galaxy Note 2 and scores close to HTC One (M7) and Galaxy S4.


These Antutu screenshots also confirms the Kirin 910 processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. Screen will be full HD as you can see on the above screenshots. Unfortunately Huawei is still using almost 3 years old 3.0.8 linux kernels with the Android KitKat firmware. We really don’t know whats preventing Huawei of including latest kernels as new ones has evolved a lot and brings new features such as ‘TRIM’ support which will reduce Android from slowing down over time. Ancient kernels with patches doesn’t really do justice for Android 4.4.