We have stopped counting how many emails we receive daily asking when Huawei will release the Android 4.4 update for the Ascend G700. Seriously we get that many emails daily from users asking when new updates will come for their Huawei devices. We haven’t replied to these messages because we simply don’t know about Huawei’s update schedules so if you were hoping for a reply, sorry about that. Huawei normally isn’t open about software update schedules but few days ago Emotion UI development team has posted a time table on Huawei’s own Vmall forums, which mentions when Huawei’s recent phones are going to get the Emotion UI 2.0 update.

Note that, this is only about when your device gets Emotion UI 2.0 so don’t keep your hopes about Android 4.4 just yet. Huawei might just send the Emotion UI 2.0 update for your current Android 4.2.2 jelly bean operating system without touching the base Android version.

Ascend Mate surprisingly set to receive Emotion UI 2.0 update same time as the Ascend P6 which is due on June this year. Ascend P1,Ascend G700,Ascend D2,Ascend G730 and Ascend G6 with several other non international phones will get the update in the month of July.

Here is the link for the original announcement with full list (Chinese) – http://goo.gl/kMiS4p