Its about time for Huawei to release a new firmware update for the Ascend P6 after the initial Android 4.4 kitkat firmware roll out which happened about 2 months ago. B510 is the current officially released Android KitKat firmware for the international Ascend P6 as we covered right here – Few days ago a new Android KitKat firmware for the Ascend P6 named as B513 emerged on some Russian web sites. This new B513 firmware is mentioned as a leak and according to the initial user feedback, our conclusion is that this new B513 is a leaked firmware which is almost identical to the B510 firmware released a while ago.

If you are already running B510 don’t stop reading just yet! Initial testers have reported that GPS bugs on B510 seems to be fixed on this new firmware leak. Also the build date of kernel is newer and its dated as July 14 2014. So we can assume that its not an early build or anything like that. Our recommendation is that if you are running B510 or another KitKat firmware on your Ascend P6 and you are having issues, definitely try this new firmware. If you want to install B513 on your Ascend P6, there is a caveat that you should aware of, its that you can only install this firmware through TWRP recovery because original leak which is flashed through default Huawei method isn’t available to download on internet right now. Since B513 is a leaked firmware, we obviously don’t have a changelog however here are some of the details about this new firmware.

Compatible model – Ascend P6-U06
Android version – 4.4.2
Emotion UI version – 2.3
Firmware version – P6-U06V100R01C00B513
Kernel version – 3.0.8-00792
Region – Russia/Europe
Languages included – English,..
Google Apps included – Yes

Installation instructions,

Make sure your battery is fully charged and take backups of your data

1. Make sure you are running B122 firmware on your P6
2. Unrar the downloaded file
3. Place the inside a folder named “dload” on your SD card root directory
4. Go to Settings -> System update -> Local Update and it will install the firmware

Update : Above installation instructions are wrong as pointed out by “George Gkako” on our Facebook page. This firmware can be only installed through TWRP recovery. Read this if you don’t know how to install TWRP recovery on your device.

1. Make sure your device is running a B510 or other KitKat firmware
2. Download the ROM from link below and place it on the SD card
3. Reboot to TWRP recovery
4. Wipe data, system, custom storage, cache & dalvik cache
5. Flash
6. Wipe cache & dalvik cache
7. Reboot 

Download link –

Please report the issues and your thoughts about this firmware in the comments below so other readers will be aware of those.