Even though Huawei Honor 3C went for sale after the release of Android 4.4 KitKat, it shipped with the old Android 4.2.2 running in combination with Emotion UI 2.0. This was a major drawback for the users considering to purchase this device and probably should have hurt some sales too. Huawei promised Android KitKat will be coming to Honor 3C and today they have released it to the general public in Chinese region.

We know that its frustrating to see only Chinese region is getting updates quickly, but Huawei has this tradition that testing the firmwares in their home turf first before sending out to everyone in the world. So don’t worry if you have a international version of Honor 3C. You can install this new firmware on your device even though its intended to the China Unicom’s Honor 3C.

This update includes Android 4.4 and Emotion UI 2.3 with a lot of optimizations to Honor 3C’s features such as improvements on Camera department and power saving features. Here are the details you want to know about this firmware

Device – Huawei Honor/Glory 3C H30-U10
Android version – 4.4
Emotion UI version – 2.3
Change log in English – http://goo.gl/BWojgv
Region – China
Languages Included – English,Chinese,…
Google Apps included – No
Firmware version – 4.7.1
* You have to be running B611 to upgrade to this one

Considering the included optimizations and changes, we guess its definitely worth upgrading to this new firmware if you know what you are doing. Another change we are seeing with this new firmware release is that Huawei has started numbering these firmwares differently. Until now they have numbered the firmware releases as B6111 (BXXX) etc and now its rather unusual that this firmware release is numbered as 4.7.1.

If you happen to install this firmware on your Honor 3C, please share your thoughts below so it will be benificial to other readers who are interested in knowing the details.

Download link and release page (Chinese)- http://goo.gl/kRa0QO