It seems like we are getting new firmware releases for Ascend P6 like once a week these days. Huawei was late to bring the KitKat Update to Ascend P6 but now they are releasing increment updates like clockwork. Just a week ago we brought you the news about the B513 official leaked firmware for the P6 which you can find right here – B512 firmware was leaked on Russian forums and its intended for Russian region as we reported on our article.

Today Huawei has officially started sending out a new firmware for the European region numbered as B512. This new B512 firmware is the successor to B510 and B511 firmwares which were released some time back. Its reported that this new B512 firmware is nearly identical to the B513 firmware release so if you are already enjoying the B513 on your Ascend P6, it might not be worth it to upgrade your phone to B512.

Upgrade advice

B512 doesn’t bring new features but it fixes some bugs which affected GPS and WiFi connectivity on B510 and B511 firmwares. Also its possible to upgrade to this new B512 firmware even if you are running B513 at this moment. If you are an European and your P6 is running B513 firmware right now, it maybe a wise decision to jump to B512.

If you are running B510 or B511 right now, we definitely recommend you to upgrade to B512.

Details about this firmware

Firmware version – P6-U06V100R001C00B512
Android version – 4.4.2
Emotion UI version – 2.3
Kernel version – 3.0.8-00792
Region – Europe
Languages included – English,German,..
Google Apps included – Yes
Update size – 940MB

Installation instructions

Make sure your battery is fully charged and take backups of your data

1. Unzip the downloaded file
2. Place the inside a folder named “dload” on your SD card root directory
3. Go to Settings -> System update -> Local Update and it will install the firmware

Download link –

Please report the issues and your thoughts about this firmware in the comments below so other readers will be aware of it.