Huawei is proactively working on the next iteration of its Emotion UI 3.0 skin. About 2 weeks ago we have reported that Huawei has invited Honor 6 smartphone owners in China to test its upcoming EMUI 3.0 – Now they have already chosen the registrants and started testing the new UI. According to initial reports its reported that Emotion UI 3.0 brings few new features and the biggest one yet is the arrival of Huawei’s own remote assistant application similar to Apps like Teamviewer on PC.

This new remote assistant application is called “Buddy Help” and we were able to obtain the .apk file of “Buddy Help” from an unnamed source who emailed us with the file few days ago. Apprently it was then published at Weibo at the same time and it seems like the application is legit.

We have installed the application on our devices but we weren’t able to get it activated, but its reported that its working for users in China. Our problem might be related to activation server issues at the moment of testing or Huawei might have disabled it from working outside China at the moment. If you wish to try this on your Huawei device you can download the .apk below. But keep in mind that this app asks for a boat load of permissions at the moment of install so if you are a security freak, you might want to keep this at a distance. Asking for such a huge number of permissions can’t be categorized as a security threat because fully fledged remote assistant application might need such permissions to work correctly. So try this at your own risk

Download link – (removed)