Ascend Mate 7 is coming. In fact the IFA event launch invitation that we reported exactly a month ago – seems just for the Ascend Mate 7 release which is set to happen on 4th of this month. Previously we thought the leaked photos on above link are for the Ascend D3 but latest leaks points that its upcoming Ascend Mate 7. A new set of pictures were leaked yesterday showing the finished product unlike previous leaks of just parts of the phone.


As you can see on the new pictures, Ascend Mate 7 is going to be a smartphone + tablet combo just like Samsung Galaxy Note series. Just because the name says “Mate 7″ don’t expect the screen size to be 7 inches. Leaked specifications and certification details confirms that Ascend Mate 7’s display will be just 6 inches in size. 6 inches isn’t that big at all if manufacturers can get the bezels right just like Huawei seems to have done here. Putting Ascend Mate 7 inside your pocket might not be possible every time but there are people who doesn’t mind big smartphones and there’s a niche market for these kind of devices.

Hisilicon Kirin 920 processor with Mali-T624 MP4 graphics will power Mate 7 and display resolution will be 1080P (Sorry no 2k just yet). 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 13MP primary camera and 4000mAh battery are some notable specifications. Mate 7 is reported to be just 7.9mm thick. Fingerprint reader is placed at the back just like on HTC One Max and the design of Mate 7 also seems to have taken cues from One Max. Official announcement is just 2 days away so stay tuned for more updates.