With the release of Huawei Ascend Mate 7, Huawei also announced newest iteration of their custom Android skin, Emotion UI 3.0. Mate 7 and the Ascend G7 were the first phones to ship with the new EMUI 3.0 update. If you were following this site for the past few months you might already know that Huawei is currently publicly testing EMUI 3.0 on previously released Honor 6 smartphone. http://huaweinews.com/2014/07/honor-6-test-emui-3/.

Honor 6, EMUI 3.0 beta testing period isn’t over yet according to official Huawei forum threads but Huawei has taken their time to announce the time table of EMUI 3.0 availability for its most popular smartphones which are capable of running the newest skin.


Here is the translated schedule,

* Ascend P7 – Development version of EMUI 3.0 will be available on October 20 and stable OTA update will follow on November 25

* Ascend P6/P6S, Mate 2, Honor 3C/3C 4G and Honor 3x – EMUI 3.0 update will be available in November this year.

* Huawei C199, Ascend Mate, Ascend D2 and Honor 3 – EMUI 3.0 update will be available in December this year.

Be noted that this schedule is for updates in China and it might not be guaranteed to receive updates at the exact given time considering the track record of previous delays. Huawei hasn’t mentioned what will be the base Android OS that will be shipping with EMUI 3.0. So don’t get your hopes up yet because older devices like Mate 2 might not receive Android 4.4 even though it will get EMUI 3.0 update.

Source (Huawei official forum, Chinese)- http://goo.gl/smpoFM