Just about 17 days ago Huawei released a development stage firmware for the Honor 3C as we reported right here -http://huaweinews.com/2014/09/honor-3c-4-8-16-firmware/. It was numbered as 4.8.16 and brought many bug fixes and new additions to the previously released development firmware version 4.8.1. As you might already know, these firmware releases are for Chinese version of Honor 3C H30-U10. Huawei has the habit of releasing development firmwares for the Chinese region first and then when those are stable, they push stable firmwares to other countries.

Today Huawei announced the release of development firmware 4.9.16 for the Honor/Glory 3C. This firmware is the successor to previously released firmware 4.8.16 and includes bug fixes and few new additions compared to the 4.8.16 firmware. If you are going to install this on your Honor 3C H30-U10 please be noted that you will have to be running development firmware 4.7.1 or higher version or stable firmware B137,B148 in order to upgrade to this latest version. Otherwise your device might brick so be cautious when installing.

Release notes and changelog (Chinese use Google Chrome to translate) – http://goo.gl/fHrhwL

Here are the details about this firmware,

Compatible models – Huawei Honor/Glory 3C H30-U10
Android version – 4.4.2
EMUI version – 2.3
Firmware version – 4.9.16
Release date – Sep 10, 2014
Languages included – English,Chinese and others
Google Apps included – No
Region – China

If you are running previous development firmwares such as 4.7.1 or higher, we definitely recommend you to upgrade your Honor 3C to this latest version. If you are running an official stable firmware such as B137,B148 or any other international firmwares, please be aware that this is a development firmware as the name says and there might be bugs. So proceed at your own risk

Download link and official release page (Chinese, use Chrome to translate) – http://goo.gl/AiA0ma