Following the previous firmware releases for Huawei Honor 3C, It seems like Huawei is releasing developer firmwares for Honor 3C every 15 days or so. It’s good for Honor 3C owners like you because you can expect a stable Android 4.4 KitKat firmware release very soon by judging the frequency of these developer firmware releases. Just about 2 weeks ago we wrote about the Honor 3C development firmware version 4.9.16 – Now Huawei has an all new development firmware numbered 4.10.1 for all of you Honor 3C owners to download and install on your devices.

This new 4.10.1 development firmware seems like a small bump up from previous 4.9.16 firmware release. Huawei’s official change log mentions issues such as sim card not detecting and data connection issues were fixed on this new firmware. There are few other big fixes too but we weren’t able to translate everything to English from Chinese as some facts are unclear after translation. Here are the details of this new firmware

Model – Huawei Honor 3C H30-U10
Firmware version – 4.10.1 Development
Region – China
Android version – 4.4.2
EMUI version – 2.3
Release date – Sep 30, 2014
Google Apps included – No
Languages included – English,Chinese,Spanish..
File size – 885MB

This developer firmware release might not appeal to you if you are running an stable firmware for your Honor 3C such as B148. But if you like to tinker with your device and already running any other development firmware releases, we definitely recommend you to upgrade to this new firmware release.

Download link and release page (Chinese, use translate) –