Ascend Mate is one of the best phablets that you can buy these days. Armed with impressive specifications including finger print sensor and a massive 4100mAh battery, Ascend Mate 7 is designed to be the best in the business. Huawei isn’t known to publish much about individual smartphone sales but now, they have announced that they have sold over 1 million Ascend Mate 7 smartphones since the day of availability just about a month ago.

Huawei revealed this information along side with their third quarterly report for 2014. Overall Huawei has sold 16.4 million smartphones in 3rd quarter and 26% of that number is mid to high end smartphones. Official info graph below shows the increase in shipments for the 3rd quarter and we must say that the results are really impressive compared to other huge manufacturers like Samsung.

Smartphone sales have reached a saturation point where the sales has become slower for companies like Samsung. However Huawei still continues to broaden their foot print primarily in the growing parts of the world by competing aggressively in the price and features offered.


Ascend Mate 7’s 1 million in a month might seem too low for you compared to Apple’s 10 million in a weekend type of sales. But bear in mind that Ascend Mate 7 isn’t readily available on most of the markets. These sales numbers shows that there is really a demand for really big smartphones and the trend will continue for a point that we no longer see 4.5>inch displays on smartphones in future. Are you a proud owner of Ascend Mate 7 ? Tell us how you feel about your gigantic smartphone, in the comments.