If you are an Ascend Mate 2 owner you might have already heard this by now. But in case if you haven’t, Huawei USA announced that the Ascend Mate 2 will be updated to Android Lollipop in near future. This announcement comes probably because of the huge backslash from Android community resulted after announcing that Ascend Mate 2 won’t even be getting Android KitKat as we wrote here – http://huaweinews.com/2014/10/ascend-mate-2-kitkat/.

Huawei is trying to build a better image in US market and it would be a disaster for them to leave less than a year old Ascend Mate 2 with years old Android 4.3. Huawei must have felt that they have taken the wrong decision and we are happy because they have finally doing something to make it right for the consumers.

Huawei has wrote a blog post on gethuawei.com official US blog announcing this update. They have mentioned that Ascend Mate 2 will be directly updated to Android 5 Lollipop from Android jellybean without jumping to Android 4.4 KitKat.

  • “In light of your feedback, we have reassessed our upgrade strategy. We take our customers’ feedback seriously and want to ensure they have the best experience possible with the Mate2. The Mate 2 upgrade will go from the current JellyBean directly to Lollipop.” – Huawei (gethuawei.com)

The update is set to be available on the first half of next year so don’t really hope it to be available in the first quarter. Eventhough if its going to be really late, at least you will be getting it right?

Source, Huawei official US blog – http://goo.gl/8sUFUs