Rumor has it that Apple didn’t managed to put on sapphire glasses on latest Iphones because Sapphire glasses were in short supply due to large volume manufacturing issues. But that doesn’t seem to stop Huawei from putting sapphire crystal on top of already known Ascend P7 smartphone. About a month ago Huawei announced that they have been working on a  Ascend P7 variant with Sapphire glass with few other luxuries and today their efforts came in to fruition.

Ascend P7 Sapphire collectors edition smartphone is up on sale at Huawei’s web store starting today. The difference between this and the regular Ascend P7 is that, Sapphire edition comes with Sapphire glass screen, rose gold trim alongside ceramic back panel. Hardware components inside remains the same but Ascend P7 Sapphire edition comes with few exclusive accessories such as Huawei active noise cancelling earphones, 4800mAh external battery pack and a smart cover.

Huawei has also stated that first 20 customers will get free engraving on the back just like Apple do for Ipods. Don’t get your hopes up yet about the international availability or importing this device from China to use in overseas because only the China mobile version of this phone is available to purchase at this moment with no information regards to China Unicom availability. The price is set at around $765 on and Huawei is asking for 15 day turnaround time for purchases with engraving and 10 days for regular customers.

Link to the Vmall product page with more photos and details –