It seems like Huawei wants to try every combination of features on their latest smartphones.  Recently leaked Honor 6X proves it really well. Huawei announced the “Honor 6 Extreme Edition” just about a month ago and now, Honor 6X is going to hit the market with dual back camera’s and 5.5inch 1080P screen. Original Honor 6 and the “Extreme Edition” featured 5inch displays but the Honor 6X is on the phablet category due to the size of screen. The most special feature on Honor 6X is the dual camera’s featured on the back and there are no information just yet about what kind of things that these camera’s are capable of.

Honor 6X might shoot 3D stereoscopic video or the dual cameras are for special effects using depth measurement like on the HTC One M8. Since there aren’t any information about Honor 6X having a 3D display, we can assume that these 2 camera are just for special camera features just like focusing on a point after a picture is taken. Other assumption is that Honor 6X might have both 3D shooting and special effect features to make it an unique phone in the category.




Information about Honor 6X were leaked on Tenna which is the certification authority of Chinese government and according to the specifications published on there, the back camera’s are 8 mega pixels. Honor 6 comes in 2 models numbered as PE-UL00 and PE-TL10 with PE-TL10 having 32GB storage while PE-UL00 only has 16GB . Model numbers indicate that both Unicom and China mobile versions are coming but there is no information about the availability just yet.

Honor 6X has most of the features carried over from the Honor 6 such as 3GB RAM, 1.8Ghz processor ( model is unknown at the moment, probably Kirin 920 or 928 ). Honor 6X weights just 165g and its 7.5mm thick. It will be available in both black and white colors and we can probably expect Honor 6X to go on sale before Christmas this year.