Huawei now has a variety of gadgets on its line up including televisions,earphones,battery banks and a lot more. But how about smart glasses? Huawei doesn’t seem to be holding back on that front too. Following the not so big success of Google Glass, it looks like Huawei is going to enter to the game with its newest gadget that you see above. It’s likely to be called “Honor Glass” and a series of pictures including a press invite were leaked on Weibo Chinese social network today.

If you think the design of Honor glasses is unique, it isn’t true. The picture that you see above looks 98% similar to the smart glass development kit called DK-40 made by a company named “Lumus”. We said 98% similar because of the difference of logo on the side of this smart glass. On Lumus DK-40 it says “Lumus” and on these leaked images it shows the glass is branded as “Honor”. You can see the original Lumus DK-40 development kit below.



Read officially published details of Lumus DK-40 below

  • DK-40
    Lumus has developed a fully comprehensive wireless, stand alone dev kit: the DK-40. The monocular system consists of a small form-factor VGA resolution optical engine providing a 25° FoV, onboard OMAP processor running Android, embedded 9DoF motion sensor, 5MP camera. Enabling direct image overlay over the wearer’s main line-of-sigh, coupled with the motion sensors and camera, the DK-40 enables True Augmented Reality capability. Additionally, the unit comes with an SDK to program the onboard AP and a client program that enables an Android phone to serve as a wireless remote control and mobile network back channel.

If these leaks are true, Huawei must have partnered with Lumus to make Honor smart glasses. Huawei has the guts to make this kind of a gadget themselves so we are somewhat baffled about the reason for Huawei to partner with a third party to make a same looking device for consumers. However the expertise of “Lumus” isn’t to be taken lightly because Lumus makes the helmet heads up displays for F-16 fighter jets.

Regarding the specs of Honor Glasses, the leaks says that it will have a 640 x 480 pixel display and 5MP camera. The strange thing is that, this device is reported to be running Android 4.4.4 KitKat without having any proprietary OS or light weight OS like Android Wear. Regular version of Android is proven to be running on various Chinese smart watches and gadgets like that so there is a possibility of Honor Glasses having Android 4.4.4 but we don’t have any firm information on that yet.

Release date is reported to be November 24 and a press invite was also leaked on Weibo which you can see below. This whole rumor might not be true because recently few false rumors regarding Huawei products were originated from Weibo social network. Anyways November 24 isn’t that far away so lets see how this plays out.