You might have read the Huawei USA’s announcement regarding that Ascend Mate 2 international version won’t be getting the Android 4.4 KitKat firmware update as we covered right here – That blog post of Huawei resulted a huge community back slash and news coverage from almost all the Android tech sites. Huawei has pulled that blog post shortly after the whole social media rage for them and now they have put that blog post back with information saying the update is being reconsidered.

Huawei has republished that blog post with another statement on top of that blog post. Here’s what it says


According to Huawei’s statement, there is a possibility that we get to see the EMUI 3.0 Android 4.4 firmware update for the international version of Ascend Mate 2. Since Mate 2 is one of Huawei’s first device to officially enter the USA market, it will be a huge disadvantage for them to abandon less than a year old Ascend Mate 2 without software updates.

Even the US mobile network carriers will see this as a drawback if they are thinking to partner with Huawei to offer Huawei smartphones with contracts in the future. Lets hope Huawei get their act straight this time and rollout the KitKat Update for Mate 2 as soon as possible.

Link to Huawei’s blog post –