Everyone seems to be jumping on the 64bit bandwagon these days. Apple started the 64bit race with the introduction of Iphone 5S last year. Now major processor manufacturers Samsung,Qualcomm and MediaTek are rushing towards the 64bit era. As you probably know by now, Huawei makes their own processors under the HiSilicon brand name and until now we didn’t had any information about Huawei’s plans regarding the 64bit processors.

HiSilicon’s first notable processor K3V2 wasn’t too good when it comes to power consumption and heating issues. But the newest processors on HiSilicon line up like the Kirin 925 found on Ascend Mate 7 competes with the Qualcomm’s top of the range Snapdragon 801 and 805 processors.

Today, Huawei published a teaser image on weibo Chinese social network showing 2 walnuts forming the number 8 and on the top right corner they have wrote the number 64. You can see the image below


We don’t really get why Huawei choose to illustrate this with walnuts but the number 8 and 64 means something interesting. 8 could indicate 8 cores and 64 is obviously for the 64bit architecture. Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 810 processor is also a 8 core ARM big.LITTLE 64bit based design and Samsung,MediaTek flagship processors also seems to be carrying the same 8 core configuration.

If Huawei is going to unveil a 64bit top of the range processor its obvious that it will be a 8 core ARM big.LITTLE based design like the most other players. Huawei already has some mid range smartphones using the Qualcomm’s mid range quad core 64bit processors on board but for the high end phones, Huawei will stick to their own HiSilicon processor line up.

The teaser image says the processor will be unveiled on December 3rd which is just 2 days away from now. Keep reading to find out more information about this exciting news.