We get many emails per day from our readers asking about the EMUI 3.0 firmware release for the Ascend P7-L10. Ascend P7 Chinese variants got a development EMUI 3.0 firmware almost 2 months ago but the international Ascend P7 L10 version was left out from getting updates until now. Waiting period is over now because Huawei German division is running an Ascend P7 EMUI 3.0 firmware beta testing program and thanks to that we have got a beta EMUI 3.0 release for the P7 L10.

There are 2 ways to get the beta EMUI 3.0 firmware up and running on your Ascend P7. Easiest way is to sign up for the beta testing program and wait until your Ascend P7 receives the OTA update. Other method is downloading and installing the OTA update directly on your phone. However both methods require your Ascend P7 to be running the B133 firmware prior installing the beta EMUI 3.0 firmware which is numbered as B602. If you have any other firmware running on your Ascend P7 you won’t be able to install the B602 update.

Even though the B602 firmware update is categorized as a beta firmware, users reported that to be very stable and almost bug free. You applications and settings might be preserved when you upgrade from B133 but we recommend you to do a factory reset before the upgrade just to make sure everything runs smoothly after the upgrade.

If you don’t have B133 already installed on your device, You can download it directly from Huawei by clicking here – http://goo.gl/y1S0p6

Like we said, there are 2 ways to get this new B602 firmware up and running on your P7.

1. Install B133 on your P7 and sign up to the beta testing program right here – http://goo.gl/RsSWjp

You might have to wait few days to receive the update this way. But its the easiest method if you are already running B133 by default and don’t have time to mess with the manual updates.

2. Download the B602 update from the internet and install it manually over the B133 firmware. You can download the B602 EMUI 3.0 firmware update from here – http://goo.gl/Buqw9f

Here are the details of this new B602 firmware,

Model – Huawei Ascend P7-L10
Region – Europe
Firmware version – B602 Beta
Android version – 4.4.2
EMUI version – 3.0
Google Apps included – Yes
Languages included – English,German,..
Release date – December 10, 2014
File size – 611MB (direct download size)

If you install this firmware update on your P7 please let us and the other readers know about your thoughts by using the comments below.