Huawei is probably readying their upcoming high end smartphone “Ascend P8″ to release at MWC 2015. But the latest rumor around the web right now is that Huawei is dropping “Ascend” branding for upcoming smartphone releases. This might come as a surprise because Huawei is using many sub brand names such as Honor,Ascend,Mediapad,Talkband for their devices. Honor and Ascend brand names goes close together depending on different markets such as China and Europe. For example Ascend G750 is called Honor 3X in China so we are wondering what would Huawei do if they just ditch the “Ascend” branding without changing anything on the Honor brand.

Huawei previously announced that they have plans to release smartphones with just the Honor brand name and it may not be a surprise for us if they just ditch the Ascend brand from high end smartphones such as upcoming Ascend P8, but continuing the Honor branding for low to high end smartphones.

This news was initially reported by an Italian tech blog named and they are pretty certain about the fact that Huawei is going to stop using the “Ascend” brand name. If you just take a look at one of Huawei’s recent press release after the CES 1015 which we published below, you can observe that they have called the Ascend P7 as Huawei P7 and Ascend Mate 7 as Huawei Mate 7.


This adds up more credibility to the rumor. We are not really sure how Huawei will directly benefit from dropping their sub brands but using just the Huawei brand with a number will probably help to build the brand awareness that they are lacking in countries like USA.