2014 Came in to an end and Huawei had a blast in past year thanks to the growing smartphone sales. As we know Huawei’s smartphone sales continued to rise while most of other big players are struggling and still it seems to be the case. According to a Huawei’s internal memo sent to employees by Richard Yu who is Huawei’s head of consumer business , Huawei was able to earn $11.8 billion in revenues last year which is 33% increase compared to the year before that.

Also Huawei managed to sell 75 million smartphones in 2014 which is staggering 40% year on year increase. 75 million is just 5 million short of Huawei’s projected expectations for last year but still they have managed to penetrate the growing markets in-order to increase their sales.

Smartphones are at a saturation point after all these years and coming years would be hard for all the manufacturers. Smartphone costs are coming down thanks to manufacturers like Xiaomi who choose to sell devices at cost to earn money later by providing online services. Huawei’s major competitor seems to be Xiaomi at this point and its only going to become more aggressive because of Xiaomi’s expansion to other Asian countries like India. But if we are to compare both companies, we think Huawei has the advantage due to its knowledge and full line up of tech and other resources available to them.

As consumers, competition will always be advantages for us and lets hope Huawei comes up with cheaper but better devices in this year. Since Huawei’s HiSilicon processor division is now operating at full swing, we can probably hope faster devices to compete with upcoming Snapdragon 810 flagship smartphones from other major manufacturers. Huawei has broken the hearts of many consumers with slow and sometimes non existent firmware updates. If they fix these ongoing issues on this year, we think that it wouldn’t be harder to smash numbers ever than before.