Ascend Mate 7 had a considerable success in the market even though its high price and according to recent leaks, Huawei is now going to capitalize on the popularity of Ascend Mate 7 by introducing a mini version of Mate 7 probably called Ascend Mate 7 Mini.

Some pictures were leaked on Chinese social network Weibo claiming to be the upcoming Ascend Mate 7 Mini and it looks beautiful just like the regular Mate 7. If you look at the picture above you will see that fingerprint reader is missing on the Mate 7 Mini. This might be because Huawei decided to remove the fingerprint reader from Mate 7’s sibling because of cost reasons. But look at the picture below,


This picture shows that a finger is placed below the camera and flashlight. Some sources on the internet seems to suggest that Mate 7 Mini has an invisible fingerprint reader and it will just work by placing the finger below the camera just like you see on the picture above. If this is true, it will be an unique feature of Mate 7 Mini. We question the fact that how Huawei managed to make fingerprint reader work by placing it underneath the aluminium uni-body of this phone but technology may have advanced and they might have came up with a solution for this.

We don’t have much details about the other specifications except that Mate 7 Mini is going to pack an 4.7 inch display. Processor,RAM,Resolution of the display might stay the same as Ascend Mate 7 but nothing is concrete yet. We will bring more details as they become available so stay tuned.