Ascend Mate and the Ascend P6 seems to be the only smartphones that Huawei cares about when releasing software updates to older devices. Just more than a month ago Huawei has released the first Android 4.4 KitKat development firmware for Ascend Mate as we reported right here – Eventhough B321 is a development firmware, people those who installed B321 on their devices haven’t reported any considerable issues with it except that they had to enter the APN manually to make data connections work.

Since B321 is running very stable for the most of part, Huawei might have thought that they don’t have to take more time for another development firmwares. Instead they have now released the B331 firmware update which is marked as stable. Huawei has listed B331 on their Chinese firmware database but no changelog is provided there so if you want to see what has been changed you are out of luck here.

However we recommend you to install B331 on your Ascend Mate if you are running B321 at the moment. Eventhough this firmware release doesn’t carry a changelog, Huawei specifically mentions that you must be running B321 already to upgrade to this B331 firmware or your device might brick.

Here are the details of this B331 firmware,

Model – Ascend Mate MT01-U06
Firmware version – B331
Android version – 4.4
EMUI version – 3.0
Stage – Stable
Region – China
Google Apps included – No
Languages – English,Chinese,..
Size – 849MB

Download link and release page, you have to click the “Stable” tab to view this firmware (Chinese, use Chrome to translate) –