Heard about the MIUI’s ‘Every Friday’ update process? Xiaomi started the trend 4 years ago by giving updates to its MIUI firmware every week. Now it looks like Huawei wants to do the same with its own Emotion UI. We are little bit late to bring you this news but Huawei has now started giving monthly updates to the EMUI 3.0 firmware.

On Huawei’s official forum thread, they have mentioned that this new update process will bring 16 new features to the firmware on every release. Also the optimizations and bug fixes will be done each month. New updated firmware will be released 1st day of each month via an OTA update. Unfortunately these updates won’t come to every Huawei smartphone running EMUI 3.0. Honor/Glory 6, Honor 6 Plus and its “Extreme Edition” are the only devices which Huawei choose to deliver these iterative firmware updates. Here’s a list of devices which will get new updates,

  • Honor 6 H60-L01/H60-L11/H60-L02/H60-L12
  • Honor 6 Extreme Edition H60-L21
  • Honor 6 Plus PE-UL00/PE-TL10/PE-TL20

If you own one of the devices mentioned above, you could visit Huawei’s Chinese forums now and get your IMEI registered to receive OTA updates.  There is no information about when the new features will be available for the other Huawei devices running EMUI 3.0 but we expect that the other devices will follow updates when the development process gets finalized.

Link to register your IMEI (Chinese, Use Chrome to translate) – http://goo.gl/VwBg3m