Honor 6 international H60-L04 received Huawei’s latest Emotion UI 3.0 update in last January and it was much of a development firmware with few bugs. As we know Huawei gives most of its attention to Chinese region when it comes to firmware updates and firmware updates for international devices takes months to be available from the Chinese releases.

B370 which released in last January was the first EMUI 3.0 firmware update for international Honor 6 and now Huawei has released a new firmware called B380. This new firmware will be distributed as an OTA update if you are already running B370 on your Honor 6, but if you are impatient or knows nothing about the availability of B370, you could get B380 running on your Honor 6 right now by downloading the full firmware update.

Here are the details of this new B380 firmware,

  • Compatible device – Honor 6 H60-L04
  • Firmware version – V100R001C00B380
  • EMUI version – 3.0
  • Android version – 4.4
  • Region – International
  • File size – 1.07GB

View the full changelog here – http://goo.gl/hbXjI2

Huawei states that updating to this firmware resets the home screen to default layout so make sure that you are aware of that. If you are running B370 at the moment, its probably a good idea to update to this latest firmware.

Users running previous EMUI 2.3 firmwares can also update to this new B380 firmware directly using the usual update process.

Download link – http://goo.gl/MjRWkA