Ascend P8 is just around the corner and Huawei is getting everything ready before the release. Few weeks ago, we wrote that Kirin 930 will be the processor which is likely to be featured on upcoming Ascend P8 – Previous leaks shown that Kirin 930 has quad A57 cores clocked at 2.0Ghz and quad A53 cores to handle low power tasks. Now Huawei has officially announced the features of Kirin 930 and they have proven that the leaks are wrong.

Huawei just unveiled the Kirin 930 processor and their plans for the future. Kirin 930 processor officially has 8 Cortex-A53 processors but in different configuration that we never heard before. 4 of the A53 cores are modified from the stock ARM configuration and Huawei is calling those A53e cores. Those 4 cores are clocked at 2.2Ghz while there are another 4 vanilla A53 cores running at 1.5Ghz handling the less demanding tasks.


Kirin 930 works by ARM’s big.LITTLE configuration and Huawei mentions that, they haven’t used A57 cores because those only offer 56% more performance than the A53 cores while consuming 256% more power compared to the A53 cores.


These announcements proves that Kirin 930 isn’t the beast that we thought to be but it won’t be a deal breaker for most of the people, because of the improved A53 cores running the show. We don’t expect Kirin 930 to be any slower than the competitors processors from last year but Kirin 930 might not have a chance against newer processors like Snapdragon 810 and Exynos 7420. How do you feel about this change? Let us know in the comments below.