Huawei smartphones generally fail short on availability of international custom ROMs. Most of the developments happen on Chinese web sites, but they almost never make its way to the international community because of language barriers and so on. Huawei smartphones like Ascend P6 and P7 got some international development going on because of the popularity and now Ascend Mate 7 seems to be getting the same. XDA has added a forum section for the Ascend Mate 7 just a short time after the release of the phone and thankfully now we got some development going on there.

XDA recognized developer “NeoPhyTe.x360″ has made a custom ROM based on Huawei’s official firmware for Mate 7, B137SP03. This custom ROM is named as “ErykineMT7″ and due to it being based on Huawei’s official firmware, its stable and contains little to no bugs.

Developer has advised that he made this ROM for Ascend Mate 7 – MT7-L09 but it should be working for the MT7-L10 which most people own. According to the XDA thread here are some of the notable customization’s,

  • Pre-Rooted with SuperSU
  • Android L Themed by default
  • Google Apps Included
  • Optimized (tweaks) to get the best performance/battery.
  • Tweaks scheduler, I/O, VirtualMemory and CPU
  • De-bloated
  • init.d support
  • Busybox support
  • Sqlite3 support
  • GPU 2D acceleration enabled by default.
  • Decreased vm.heapsize to get better multitasking performance
  • Other changes in build.prop
  • Retouched animations scaling to get a smooth sense.
  • Zipaligned

Some initial adopters of this ROM have reported their Mate 7’s become noticeably faster with this ROM and touch sensor sensitivity is higher than the other custom ROM’s out there.

If you are interested in getting this firmware on your Ascend Mate we suggest to read the whole XDA thread (linked below) for issues because the development is ongoing as of writing this article and the ROM is still on its initial release. To install this ROM you need to have an unlocked bootloader and CWM installed on your Mate 7.

Installation instructions and download link can be found here on the official XDA thread –

Make sure to read everything to avoid disappointments