We know that you have been waiting for this moment. Few days ago when Huawei announced the P8 and P8 Max, they have included all new EMUI themes to go with the device just like the previous flagship Huawei smartphones. Emotion UI version was bumped to 3.1 with the P8’s firmware but there aren’t any huge differences apart from Android Lolipop and different themes compared to EMUI 3.0.

Good news is that those of you who have Huawei smartphones running EMUI 3.0 can download and install the stock themes of Huawei P8 right now on your Huawei smartphones. These theme packs were leaked on Huawei’s own Chinese forums just few hours ago and you could download the file right now. These themes comes as regular .hwt files so you could copy the files to your themes folder and choose the theme you want from device settings.

We believe that these themes should be working on every Huawei smartphone running EMUI 3.0 but we have only confirmed it on Ascend Mate 7 for now. So if you happen to install these themes on other devices such as Ascend P6,P7 please make sure to let us and the other readers know in the comments below.

If you don’t know the process of installing themes, here’s a guide we published long ago for Ascend P6 and the process should be the same for every other Huawei smartphone with EMUI 3.0 – http://huaweinews.com/2013/10/download-and-install-themes-ascend-p6/.

Link to the Vmall thread (Chinese) – http://goo.gl/bIA9XX

Download link (157MB) – http://goo.gl/lFIuIy