This is kind of a bad news for all our readers out there. Mostly for the future readers who will come to the site searching for official Huawei firmware downloads. As you might probably know, Huawei got 2 main official firmware download web sites for Chinese and international customers. All the Chinese region firmwares are published on EMUI Chinese web site and the international firmwares are published on the international EMUI firmware download web site.

Huawei has decided to change the URL structure for the Chinese EMUI web site and as a result of this, all the links of Chinese region firmwares, posted on our web site and all the other places on internet are now dead. You will notice that clicking on these links will redirect you to the Huawei’s international firmware download site and does nothing from there.

We don’t know whats the reason behind this change as this seems completely unwanted and unethical. Changing links on popular web sites is a really bad practice and even if Huawei wanted to change the links for some reason, they should have redirected the previous links to the new links so nothing will break until the visitors adopt the new URL structure.

We are in the process of updating the links on our old posts and sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Meanwhile you could access the correct download pages by amending the links like below,

Previous –

New –