Google’s next Nexus phone is coming this fall and this time around, we have been hearing that it will be built by Huawei. We have been hearing this rumor for months now and recent media reports seems to suggest that its indeed the case this year.

Recent devices like Huawei P8 has shown that Huawei could live up the pace with other manufacturers and Honor 7 is a prime example to prove that Huawei could build feature packed smartphones for such a cheap price.  Nexus 6 didn’t really made much impact because of the high price and Huawei will be able to build the next Nexus device at much lower cost for the consumers.

Also this deal will benefit Huawei to increase the credibility in USA which is almost non existent right now and probably end up bringing more Huawei devices to the American region.

There are also some rumors floating around stating that there will be 2 Nexus devices this time one from obviously Huawei and one smaller device from LG. Stay tuned and we will probably get to know about this in near future for sure.